$199.00 USD

Base Strength


What is Base Strength?

  • 12 week strength program for endurance athletes.
  • Lifetime access. 
  • Improve your power output and durability with tailored lifts. 
  • 9 different 30-45 minute workouts you can do on your own time. 
  • Supportive base training for your early season running or triathlon.
  • Expert video guidance for each movement.
  • Downloadable training PDF.

What is Triathlon Strength?

  • 6 Week strength training program specifically for triathlon
  • Specific workouts for Swim, Bike and Run
  • Rep and Set adjustments for race week tapering
  • Expert video guidance and explanations for each movement
  • No gym required for traveling athletes or those with a busy schedule

What Equipment Do I Need?

Dumbbells, kettlebells, a bench, barbell and rack, a pull up bar, physio/swiss ball, and a mini band. Though this equipment is recommended, it's not all necessary. Included with the program are some alternative movements that you can achieve with just a suspension unit and some dumbbells.

For triathlon strength, just a set of resistance bands is needed, no gym equipment. You can complete your training at home or on the go!