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EP 002 || The Part of Running Form You Don't Know You're Missing

Season #1

Gearing up with a new training podcast brought to you by Olympic Triathlon and Marathon Coaches, Bobby McGee and Matt Pendola.

In today's episode, Matt and Bobby discuss run form and training to prevent injury and improve longevity for runners.Find the Video version on Youtube at:

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This episode is part of the introduction to run form series which moves up the chain sharing what optimal mechanics look like for each part of the body when running.

Bobby McGee, your host, is one of the world’s greatest running coaches and has been coaching endurance athletes for 32 years. He is a 5 time Olympic coach, and has been involved in some form with 9 Olympic medalists.

He says, there are three very important aspects of endurance training;

  1. Firstly, address your running mechanics. Teach yourself to run effectively and to avoid injuries in order to run at your optimum level.
  2. Secondly, look at how you train. What is it about your training that’s holding you back? Is there a way that you can train better?
  3. Lastly, address the mental blocks that hold you back. How can you unleash the power of your mind to get you to race effectively?

Matt Pendola has decades of experience helping runners build strength and get ahead of their injury cycles. He’s worked with some of the world’s greatest elite athletes including Olympic and World Champion medalists Kevin McDowell and Ben Kanute, to name a few.

He also has a handful of impressive personal achievements as an athlete, including winning the Elite Spartan World Championships Masters Division (2015) & qualifying for Duathlon World Championships 3 times.

These two world class coaches come together in today's episode to help you run better, run longer, and run injury free.

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