We run stronger together.


$ 299 /mo

20 Access Codes
10% Off Gear & Accessories
Exclusive Prices on Future Products
Join the Team!


$ 699 /mo

50 Access Codes
15% Off Gear & Accessories
2 Free Gym-in-a-Bag
Exclusive Prices on Future Products
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$ 1699 /mo

125 Access Codes
20% Off Gear & Accessories
4 Free Gym-in-a-Bag
Live Chat with Matt per month
Exclusive Prices on Future Products
Join the League!

Only the Best for You and Your Athletes.

With each team plan, your athletes will get access to World Class strength training so you can help them cross the finish line injury free.

And you can use your Access Codes any way you want. Give them to coaches, trainers, or athletes. 


A selection of high-quality bands and an anchor all in an R3 drawstring athletic bag so athletes can complete their training on the go. Our Club and League packages include free Gym-in-a-Bags. Every level gets a discount off the retail price.

Live Chat with Matt & Guests.

With our League package you will be able to meet with Matt once a month to ask questions about training or listen to guest speakers like world-renowned running coach Bobby McGee or Olympic Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgensen.

Still have questions or just want to give your athletes a 10% off code?