I started strength training originally as a hotshot in Flagstaff. That was just kind of what you did, you had to be in shape for the job. One day, a tree fell on me fracturing my back. After that I was forced to slow down and learn how to train smart so I could run again. This injury led to my guiding principle: FIT, which stands for Focused Intentional Training. It really is about helping people gain function through training. I started Pendola Training in 2001 to help the people out there who are following programs designed for body builders or aesthetics instead of what their functional goals might be, and they may not even realize it.


At the same time, I was coaching high school cross country, and I saw that I could use what I had learned about strength training to prevent injuries in endurance athletes. I met Bobby McGee in 2015 and my approach to training has evolved incredibly since then. When I started working closer with elite athletes I was forced to take my learning to the next level. At a certain point I realized with a brick and mortar business I could at most affect 40 people at a time. I built R3 so that I could make everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years available to any runner at any level.

  • Reno Orthopedic Clinic Return to Sports Strength Coach
  • EXOS Performance Specialist
  • Performing Edge Coaching Professional
  • Jack Daniel’s VDOT 02 Distance Certified Running Coach
  • Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) Coach
  • Bobby McGee Run Transformation Camp Strength and Wellness Coach
  • Athlete’s Performance Institute- Sports Nutrition, Mindset, Strength Training certifications
  • Nevada State licensed massage and manual therapist (NVMT #9941)

Our Athletes

These are some of the amazing athletes we have the honor of being involved with. They've used the R3 system. You should, too. 


Ben Kanute

2016 Olympian and 2nd Place at IM70.3 World Championships

Gwen Jorgensen

2016 Olympic Gold Medal and 2x World Champion in the Triathlon

Gabby Williams

2021 Olympic Bronze Medalist in Womens Basketball


Whether you're training for a Gold Medal or a local 5k, we have a training plan that's right for you.



Strength Training progressions specifically for runners. You will learn and master movements that address the needs of runners, so you can run happy and healthy. The program starts by addressing your mobility weaknesses and progresses you toward more specific strength movements that will help you run faster and longer.


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with Bobby McGee


World class training for running mechanics taught by Matt Pendola and 6x Olympic Coach Bobby McGee. In this program you will learn how to assess your own running form and address your weaknesses through specific drills and movements.


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