Build a solid foundation early in your training season with Base Strength sessions designed for endurance athletes.

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Start Your Training Off Right

Base Strength is a 12-week plan designed with your early season base training in mind. You'll establish proper movement patterns through increasingly demanding movements and sessions that will prepare you for higher training demands as your race approaches. 

Your Path to Peak Performance

Over 12 weeks, you'll engage in a carefully curated series of workouts, each aiming to teach you proper movement patterns in the weight room. You'll start with a slower pace and more controlled movement and progress toward movements that will test your stability and cadence.


Key Features:


12 weeks of progressive training. 

Quick and easy workouts, taking 30-45 minutes.


Downloadable PDF with full training program.


Expert video guidance for proper movement patterns.


Life-time access for constant improvement.

An Effective Weight Training Plan For Endurance

Endurance athletes have long had a resistance to weight training, even though it's been proven effective at reducing injury risk and increasing performance. That's a perfect combination! The early season is the perfect time to make weight training a part of your training routine. 

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